Locking Down the House

Locking Down the House

After a mixed start at Capilano, the Royals women's volleyball team was looking for to get off on the right foot at home against the CBC Bearcats. As with any team in the early regular season, the Bearcats provided the Royal an opportunity to experiment with lineups.

Playing a powerful starting lineup, the Royals started with an early lead. This was largely due to the play of Vicki Schley, who caught fire early and was never able to be stopped. A 25-20 scoreline saw the Royals taking the first set, and the momentum headed into the second set.

The second set was a very competitive one. The Bearcats and Royals traded points back and forth often. However, the Royals never gave up the lead. The Bearcats trailed the Royals all the way to game point, where they tied the game at 24 a side. Caught in a tough predicament, the Royals would need to be on their toes to navigate their way out of that tricky situation. The team did so, making it look easy in the process, taking the second set 27-25.

The third set was where the quality shone through. The Royals put away the game, sealing their victory with a hard fought 25-17 set win.

Game two was a whole different story. The Bearcats came out strong in the second game. A 25-21 set win over the Royals set the pace. The second set was a replay of the first, where the Royals just couldn't catch the hungry Bearcats. Down 2-0, the Royals needed to materialize a comeback out of nothing.

The Royals made the first steps to a comeback with a big 25-17 win in the third set to keep themselves alive. The next set came easier as the team found their momentum. A 25-15 win forced a fifth and final set between the two teams. Pushed against the wall, the Bearcat broke while the Royals held the line. A big 15-8 set win propelled the Royals towards victory, and ultimately to a 2-0 weekend.

The weekend pushed the Royals up to the top of the standings. They are tied for first with the UFV Cascades at 3-1, and 6 points.