Rookie Royals add to veteran line-up

5th year veteran Taylor Wettig (left)
5th year veteran Taylor Wettig (left)

The 2019-20 edition of the women's soccer team has some fresh faces to welcome into the line-up as a strong recruiting class has Coach Laxton excited at the potential for this year's team. The Royals added 11 first-year athletes to the mix, strengthening a mostly third and fourth-year group that narrowly missed out on a bronze medal at the 2018 CCAA Women's Soccer National Championship.

"This year we have a big and deep rookie class. We brought in many players with solid experiences at the national and provincial club levels. They have already made a big impact on our culture with their positive energy and work rates. They are all really eager to do well and are very coachable." -Coach Laxton

Anchoring the rookie crop are veteran 5th year seniors Alyssa Lum and Taylor Wettig. The responsibility of leading the young Royals will fall largely on their shoulders, on and off the pitch.

"Both Taylor and Alyssa are exceptional student-athletes on the field and in the classroom. They both have incredible work ethic, work hard for the team and demonstrate lead-by-example leaders. They lead the team in GPA and will be expected to lead and guide this young team's culture." -Coach Laxton 

The program's success over the past five years has been remarkable and serves as an example of excellence. But with the expectation of excellence comes a level of pressure, a pressure that Coach Laxton has his team actively embracing. This year's team has adopted the mantra "Pressure is a Privilege" the title of a book by tennis great Billie Jean King. In her book, King challenges the reader to re-define their perception of pressure, which is often associated with negative connotations. Rather, King suggests that one should look at pressure as an opportunity to bring out the greatness in all of us, at each challenge.

"We want our student-athletes to enjoy the process and seize every opportunity the pressure, in all facets of life from team pressure at matches and championships, to individual pressure of competing for a starting spot, competing for an all-star spot, competing for an 'A' in every class, brings to them." -Coach Laxton

The young Royals have high expectations for the 2019-20 season and will certainly face their share of pressure. The opportunity to continue their legacy of success is squarely in their hands.