Women’s Softball sophomores reflect on their careers as Royals

Women’s Softball sophomores reflect on their careers as Royals

The Douglas college Women's Softball program has been extremely successful in the last few years. Last year the Royals went a perfect 32 and 0 in conference play. The girls then went on to advance all the way to the NWAC Championship final where they lost to Wenatchee Valley. This season Douglas has a 29 and 5 record and has already clinched a spot in the playoffs. A vital part of their success this year and last was because of the leadership and production from their sophomores.

Kim Anderson has been an absolute mainstay in the middle infield for the Royals over her two years. Anderson is hitting an impressive .412 this year while swiping 22 bags in just 30 games. She's compiled a .388 batting average to this point in her two years at Douglas. The infielder has also hit five homers in her two seasons. 

Anderson voiced how thankful she is to be part of such a great program.

"It has meant the world to me to be a part of the Royals family for the past two years. When I think of the Royals family, I think just that... it truly is a family. The people that I have met made this experience so much more rewarding. My team has become my family and I have met so many friends that I know will be a part of my life for a long time," said Anderson.

Center Fielder Rachel Warburton has also been one of the Royals most consistent hitters over her two year tenure with a lifetime batting average of .480. The speedy outfielder has stolen 66 bags in just 73 games in the last two seasons. Warburton also praised the opportunity she has been given as a student athlete.

"Being a part of the Royals family has been an amazing experience, being a student-athlete at Douglas gives you many opportunities that I will be forever grateful for," Warburton said.

Sophomore first basemen Natasha Bedard has been sidelined since late march with an injury, but she was a huge part of the Royals successful run to the NWAC finals last season. Bedard hit an astounding .511 last year which earned her a first team all-star selection in the NWAC. Despite not being able to play a lot in her sophomore season, Bedard is still very humbled by the experiences she's had over her two years as a Royal.

 "My two years here at Douglas have been so much fun.  I have gotten to play the sport I love while getting an education. When people ask me what school I am studying at, I always tell them that I am a Student-Athlete at Douglas College. First thing to come out of their mouth is how do you keep up in school, play softball, and have a social life and work? I tell them that it is easy. It's easy to do what you love. I do this all because I love that what my team and school has to offer," Bedard added.

Relief pitcher Megan Palmer praised how she has made so many lifelong friends being part of the women's softball team, among other things.

"I have made friendships that will last a lifetime throughout my two years at Douglas. I'm very thankful I've had the opportunity to play the sport I love while getting my education," she said.

Kira Staley has been one of the Royals most consistent arms on the mound throughout the last two years. Staley has gone 22 and 1 with a 3.16 ERA in the past two seasons. She feels extremely grateful to be able to play for such a great team over the last two years and make lifelong memories.

"Being a part of the Royals family for the last two years has been an unforgettable experience. I am thankful to have met and played alongside so many amazing athletes here at Douglas and to share so many great memories that will stay with us forever," Staley said.

Cassa Courtney, another mainstay in the starting lineup, has been one of the Royals best hitters over the last two years. She's hit .439 over the last two seasons with 14 bombs.

All six sophomores have played their part in the success of this program over the last two years. They all voiced that their most memorable experience was their perfect 32 and 0 record last season in conference play, and advancing to the NWAC final.

The perfect ending for these girls would be to make school history and win the NWAC championships this year. Douglas has six games left until playoffs, starting off with a doubleheader on Tuesday against Edmonds.